ALLAN PERERA GIGGLE CHARITY SHOW OCTOBER 2015 Back by popular demand, Allan Perera, Malaysia’s much loved comedian, musician and artiste
will be bringing more giggles to audiences. Brought to you by BAC, proceeds from the show will be donated to Edunation ( Free Education For All. Hosted by Allan Perera, the show features an entertaining mix of comedy, musicals and performance arts, and is divided into the following highlights: First Half: VINYL INVASION - Radio Show Live music by Allan Perera and the Band Second Half: Malaysian Got Scandal A wickedly satirical comedy show featuring Allan Perera in his character-acting best, as Rukumani Jones A/P Thomas, Y.B. Wan Bedek Wan Temberang, Saudara Kam Mun Ting, Guitar Joe, and many more Malaysian-inspired multi-roles!
Venue : PJ Live Arts @Jaya One, Jalan University, PJ.
Date : 6th-11th October 2015
Time : 8.30pm Donation : RM110

For more information on the show and invites, please visit or call:


+603-7960 0439  |  +6017-2289 849


MALAYSIA  GOT SCANDAL hosted by Allan Perera.

Featuring semi-finalist...Elvis Tan and other latest contenders. Don’t miss the latest hottest

scandals in town.


LIVE BAND performances by:

AP & The Groovy Cooriguns

AP & The Silly Rockabillys

AP & The Cochrane Road Revival


Hosted by : Melbourne DJ Barry and special guest Pat T. O.

(On channel MDB 1 no. point no. point)

THE GIGGLE CHALLENGE The birth of the Giggle Challenge!

Perera’s return has gave birth to a new initiative; he calls it the Giggle Challenge. A social media driven awareness and fund-raising gig similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which went viral. The idea is to gather as many giggles as possible through social media, every giggles will be translated to a five (5) cents donation to Edunation’s efforts in providing free education for all.

Why Edunation?

Edunation is a fast-growing and not for profit platform supported by Brickfields Asia College which focuses their efforts in developing an education system for all. To date, Edunation has produced more than 2,500 learning videos, hundreds of practices and co-organised syllabus-focused seminars for Form 1 to Form 5 students. “With the vast support we have from both donors and users, we are expecting to double the number of users before end of the year; from the initial 25,000 to 50,000” said Edmond Yap, the founder of Edunation.

I want to participate!
  1. Participate in the Giggle Challenge.
  2. Make a video of you giggling, challenge five (5) of your friends via social media with hashtags #gigglecharity #edunation #brickfieldsasiacollege
  3. Five (5) cents will be donated to Edunation for every video collected.


Sample Video

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